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Photo by Mellanie Bosscher



I am Melissa. I was born and raised in Cape May County, New Jersey. I moved to the Netherlands in 2004 and I am located in Almere. In the same year I married my wonderful husband Dave. In 2010 our beautiful daughter Caterina was born. I love being out in nature, being among animals, and swimming. 


I started developing a passion for photography around the time our daughter was born. I wanted to capture all those special moments in just one simple photograph. I am a self taught photographer who has learned and improved over the years and continue to do so. I am creative, caring, and a good listener which all has a role in my photography. When making portraits I prefer shooting outside using natural lighting during the day. One of my favorite subjects to photograph in nature are swans and I love making macro photos of insects and spiders. I really enjoy focusing on the details and seeing how the small and tiny creatures live in nature. 

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